About IWO

IWO gathers independent specialists in these domains who can assist you for specific situations and
local circumstances helping for clear definition and scoping of the quest, research issues and techniques, feasibility study etc.Besides, IWO also give training to policy makers, manager and technicians in the area of sustainable energy. IWO works often with partners in projects.The two domains with IWO activities:

• Techniques – Renewable energy in the high-developed countries but also in developing countries

• Economics – Sustainable development especially in developing countries in particular Western Africa

In addition, IWO also training for policy makers, managers and technicians in the field of renewable energy. IWO works in projects often together with partners.

IWO – Institute of science and Development-consists of two entities, which have the same objectives:

IWO Foundation was established in 1994 and

IWO Project bv was established in 2007.

The Foundation IWO has been recognized by the Dutch Tax Collection Agency as a so-called General Benefits Aiming Foundation (Dutch: ANBI). The management of the Foundation IWO complies with the requirements of the Dutch Collection Agency. This means persons paying Dutch income tax or private companies can, within the boundaries set by the Dutch collection agency, deduct gifts to IWO from the income tax or profit.

Windmill with IWO founders R. Ross, P. Hafkamp and R. Hunik

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